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What I write in my notebook and type under the “Personal Thoughts” section are my personal thoughts. They’re not meant to be offensive at all. I do my best to put my thoughts out in a way that lessens the chances of someone being offended. That will not guarantee that no one will be offended, I know this. As a bit of a disclaimer of this section: I do not delve deep into explaining the psychology behind each and every thing I type up. If I were to, I’d be writing a book more times than not. What I put here I try to say in a way that makes people think on their own a bit more easily. Things are overlooked by everyone from time to time. Some thoughts people have may be stated without thinking as deeply as they may want to, or they may overlook something entirely. I may do the same as well. If you enjoy the thoughts I share on here and have requests you would like my thoughts on, comment on one of my already existing pieces and I’ll get it done. I may even already have it written in my notebook or it is apart of another subject where I give my thoughts on it. If it doesn’t live up to your expectations in the case of the latter, let me know and I’ll work to dedicate a whole subject for it specifically. These pieces come from questions I’ve had for many years of my life, seeking out answers and understanding of many aspects that aren’t outright talked about. Many friends have come to me even when I was in terrible places within myself, to vent to me, ask me for advice or even just my opinion. How I felt when in my darker days are emotions and thoughts that I don’t wish anyone else to have, which is why I’ve my friends to thank for aiding me in realizing the answers and to better understand life in general – Both for finding my peace and helping them find theirs, or simply to help them get through their own hell.



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