Based on knowledge given, what someone does see before their eyes, as well as familiarity and experience they have regardless of any from an earlier situation related or not to their current situation, and personal desires – These are what define a person’s perception. How we view a situation is based on what we have gained from a collective of experience and knowledge we’ve had throughout our lives, no matter how young or old we are. There is always more to a situation than just what you see in the moment. What you do see is not always all that there is to see. While you may have more experience and/or knowledge with a particular subject, or in handling certain situations than another does, someone with less experience and/or knowledge may see something you don’t. It all comes from what you focus on seeing. Someone newer to a subject or situation may point out something you overlook. In time we come to gain more experience and knowledge, yet time isn’t always on our side as we have short-lived lives. To truly understand a situation there is a lot that needs to be taken into consideration – Especially when it involves a person or even a group of people. (more…)

I’ve looked over my notebook deciding what to type up next over the past few weeks and I finally found a few. They all connect with each other greatly and should be up hopefully this weekend. What’s been keeping me from getting them up sooner is that I’ve written new pieces to compliment them. Roughly five to seven will be up over the course of the next four days. That is my goal at least. If you like anything that I’ve put on this site, please do share this site with friends or anyone you think may be interested. If you have any subject you’d like my thoughts on you can feel free to comment on this. It may be something in my notebook already or is covered in another subject I’ve written and have yet to start typing up.


My process for these writings if anyone is wondering goes like this: Some pieces are fully written, while others are only short exerts of thoughts I’ve had to be elaborated on when I feel like typing about the subject they pertain to. When I feel like putting a certain one up I choose it and type it. If you have a request I’ll handle that before putting up what I’d like to share. What I want can wait if you have something you’d like my thoughts on. Who knows; I may already have written what you want my thoughts on in my notebook.

The way in which a person shows their opinion or taste, how a person shares their emotion(s). Through their appearance, words, sounds – There are infinite ways to express ourselves. How we choose to is of our own choice. You may not appreciate what someone does, just as it can be the other way around. What you like is not something another person may enjoy. What you see is not something someone else may see, too. What you are familiar with is not what another person is familiar with. While you may understand it, there will be someone who doesn’t. Now, if you choose to not try to understand what another person enjoys if it is something that you do not, and choose to simply say something pointless such as “This is terrible”, you lose any right to truly speak. You’re also just wasting your own time if you have only the intention to say something along those lines and nothing more.