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One of the broadest subjects of life is how we communicate with those around us – This spans from the language of our body, verbally spoken words, and words that are written or typed. These are the various ways in which we communicate; what defines them is simple yet more complex than just what is seen on their surface. Some you could argue are deeper than others, but it all depends on how you use any way of communication to share your thoughts/emotions with another person. The more forms of language someone uses that you can or have seen from them before are the parts that help form together a general knowledge of who they are, how they act, how they’ve changed when they do, and what exactly they mean by how they communicate. There is psychology involved in understanding communication of any form of life – The way nature acts, how chemicals react when combined, the movement and gestures a person makes while speaking as well can be defined by a philosophical view that everything communicates in a way for us to take in how we will. When you combine olive oil and normal water together, the oil will rise to the top and the water to the bottom, because water is denser than the oil which keeps them separate. When you put two people in the same room where both strongly feel they are right about any given thing that is opposite to what the other believes, they clash with their idea’s separating them as neither are willing to yield ground on their belief. Then there is the way nature reacts to pollution: There is much research done on the subject of green-house gases, leading to an eventual re-do, a change, the world goes through naturally – An ice age that nature pretty much causes as a reaction being one of those. (more…)


(This is a follow-up to my piece on “Perception”)


Who is to tell you what you should and should not believe? Truly, only you can decide this. Whether it is religion, spirituality in general, words someone says, thoughts someone shares, thoughts you may form as you live, tradition of your society, or for the facts and theories of science, ultimately is your choice to believe. People are more open to a mix of these beliefs in this day in age, as common ground can be found between all of them. What you take from what already exists is up to you – How you view any given thing is solely up to allowing yourself to do so. How you feel on any given subject may not be how another feels, which is alright. Everyone is unique in their own way as we all enjoy things in our own ways. They may be the same as others or they may not, that isn’t up to you to decide as you can only control yourself. (more…)

Based on knowledge given, what someone does see before their eyes, as well as familiarity and experience they have regardless of any from an earlier situation related or not to their current situation, and personal desires – These are what define a person’s perception. How we view a situation is based on what we have gained from a collective of experience and knowledge we’ve had throughout our lives, no matter how young or old we are. There is always more to a situation than just what you see in the moment. What you do see is not always all that there is to see. While you may have more experience and/or knowledge with a particular subject, or in handling certain situations than another does, someone with less experience and/or knowledge may see something you don’t. It all comes from what you focus on seeing. Someone newer to a subject or situation may point out something you overlook. In time we come to gain more experience and knowledge, yet time isn’t always on our side as we have short-lived lives. To truly understand a situation there is a lot that needs to be taken into consideration – Especially when it involves a person or even a group of people. (more…)