(If you wish to read the original bill and/or the renewed version, the links can be found below – As are links for summaries, important facts, and what you can do about it)


CISPA: Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act


This is one of the rare occasions when I put something up that isn’t one of my normal pieces. Looking around the internet, I’ve found it a bit difficult to actually find where the actual bill is so I could read it is – A bill that has been renewed and members of my country’s government are pushing for to be made into legislation that allows private information to be shared by/with companies and the government. Many sites already go over what this renewed bill does and what the original bill does, but none actually give an obvious link to either acts(As far as I know). This proposed bill is meant as an amendment to an already existing act, to the National Security Act of 1947, to deal with cyber-crime. It is a Patriot Act for the internet. Specifically mentioned as a reason for this renewed bill is to stop hackers from Iran and China from stealing information. This bill, though, does not have anything to actually do with stopping hacking from foreign countries. It is a means of being able to invade the privacy of any American that is suspected for the following:

  • Efforts to degrade, disrupt, or destroy government or private systems and networks
  • Theft of misappropriation of private or government information, intellectual property, or personally identifiable property

Those are the definitions of what the bill deems a “cyber-threat”. The excuse that allows for your private information is “In good faith” they can do this without both a warrant, or substantial evidence. Internet providers such as Verizon and AT&T are given immunity for releasing private information to the government, which means people can’t sue them as the government would give them protection. That is all I’ll say of the bill – If you wish to know more about it, follow the links below:


The original CISPA bill:

The new CISPA bill(CISPA 2.0):

Six Key Facts about CISPA 2.0:

A summary of the bill itself(You’ll have to enlarge it):

If you wish to do something about this bill:

Wikipedia also has a page about this, if you’re interested in their summary(Thought I’d mention it anyway):

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