Catching Up – Four Days

I’ve looked over my notebook deciding what to type up next over the past few weeks and I finally found a few. They all connect with each other greatly and should be up hopefully this weekend. What’s been keeping me from getting them up sooner is that I’ve written new pieces to compliment them. Roughly five to seven will be up over the course of the next four days. That is my goal at least. If you like anything that I’ve put on this site, please do share this site with friends or anyone you think may be interested. If you have any subject you’d like my thoughts on you can feel free to comment on this. It may be something in my notebook already or is covered in another subject I’ve written and have yet to start typing up.


My process for these writings if anyone is wondering goes like this: Some pieces are fully written, while others are only short exerts of thoughts I’ve had to be elaborated on when I feel like typing about the subject they pertain to. When I feel like putting a certain one up I choose it and type it. If you have a request I’ll handle that before putting up what I’d like to share. What I want can wait if you have something you’d like my thoughts on. Who knows; I may already have written what you want my thoughts on in my notebook.

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