The way in which a person shows their opinion or taste, how a person shares their emotion(s). Through their appearance, words, sounds – There are infinite ways to express ourselves. How we choose to is of our own choice. You may not appreciate what someone does, just as it can be the other way around. What you like is not something another person may enjoy. What you see is not something someone else may see, too. What you are familiar with is not what another person is familiar with. While you may understand it, there will be someone who doesn’t. Now, if you choose to not try to understand what another person enjoys if it is something that you do not, and choose to simply say something pointless such as “This is terrible”, you lose any right to truly speak. You’re also just wasting your own time if you have only the intention to say something along those lines and nothing more.


Stating an opinion is a way of expression, but when you don’t say why you dislike something, you don’t really leave much room for proper interpretation. Your words and body language, your action(s) in general are how you express your reaction/thoughts. You have the ability to do it and you should do it in a way that isn’t a waste of time to yourself. Seek out understanding, ask questions of what you do not understand to others that might or clearly do understand it, to some extent. There is always something to learn from how someone decides to express themselves, or from something someone makes. When someone puts an idea out there in the form of a video or a written work, if it isn’t very well done it goes a long way to let the person or people who made it know your thoughts on what they made – By giving constructive criticism or stating why it just didn’t appeal to you.


Whether it be a story, a poem, a film or through a song, people express themselves through something they’re passionate about – Art. Not all are done as well as others, yet they all share one thing in common – It isn’t just about expressing your emotions. When anyone creates a form of art, it can be of a thought or an idea, or an opinion. Stories can hold meaning in the moral(s) within their contents, the same goes for all other forms of art. They are at times a way a writer or a painter expresses their emotions. Through a character or a scene they portray, their art illustrates a story that anyone can interpret. All art is meant to be appreciated for what it is. Each work is unique in its own way. Some enjoy simple works, art that is straight forward in their meaning. Others enjoy deeper or hidden meanings within various forms of artwork. A person may enjoy both equally, or one over the other, even depending on their mood.


Music of today, as far as pop-culture goes, uses beats and rhythms that express a raw emotion in a very blunt way. Even the lyrics do – There are songs that clearly and bluntly state their meaning. They state their meaning with or without videos/shows to compliment their works. Whether it is partying and getting drunk, sleeping around, or finding love, for example, they are put forward very bluntly in this day and age. There is even a song just about doing shots. Most of those songs are ones played in clubs, for the beat they have and the mood they set. There have always been songs about sex, partying, drinking, heartbreak, love, etc. The way they are expressed tends to be different with each generation, without deviating too far from the generation prior. Personally, my taste in music lies within the lyrics first and foremost. Bands such as Tool, A Perfect Circle, Lamb of God, Disturbed, Pearl Jam, and System Of A Down among many others are what I listen to.


Appearance is not only in how someone physically looks, but in how they act and how they speak, how a person expresses themselves in general. Going from how someone dresses to the way they speak, it affects how another may choose to see or judge them. You will see someone dress in a way you dislike – Think about what exactly you dislike. What you dislike is of your own taste, or of your own belief. Your perception is what plays the main factor in that. What may seem to be frightening, provocative, or strange in your eyes comes from how you are seeing it in your own mind. How familiar you are to it on top of your own tastes and beliefs ultimately affects your overall perception and concluding judgment. I’m not saying judgment in the sense of you or someone else ‘decrees’ it is wrong, but in the sense of how a person associates their opinion with it.


Biased thoughts make it hard to describe something to another. What you see and what you believe, depending on how strongly, are factors in how hard it is to describe something accurately. When you know little of something or someone, you don’t generally have an opinion of your own. If you choose to believe what another has said, then that isn’t really your own opinion. You may agree with someone else and their opinion, but until you sit and think for yourself after doing research of your own, you won’t really have your own opinion. Without your own opinion, you are only expressing what another person believes, even twisting it from a false memory you may create to fill the gap in something you had forgotten, that something being from the original opinion you chose to agree with or believe as the truth. When you form your own opinion, it is easier to remember – Just as your opinion of any given person is easier to remember, as it is your own opinion formed with your own thoughts.


How you express yourself is how you express yourself. Just as any other person does. In order to truly express your own emotions is by having clear understanding of your thoughts and opinions. When you understand how something makes you feel, why it makes you have the thoughts you have, it is easier to express yourself. The more time you spend in understanding your emotions and thoughts on any given subject or sight that you may see, the better your perspective becomes, and the easier it is to express yourself. The clearer you are in expressing yourself, the easier it becomes for another to get your message and have a better understanding of who you are. That doesn’t mean they will understand you completely based on one thing that you do, just in the aspect of how you express yourself leads into an impression. This is a broad topic that I will cover in other works of mine. I will keep to my goal to keep each subject shorter than a book – This is just one subject that branches into a few others of mine directly I have yet to type up.


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  1. PeacexChaos January 15, 2013 2:16 pm 

    I was reading this because i find it to be more interesting then a movie for school. I think that ones opinions can also be strictly based off of ones religion. I personally, practice and research Buddhism, and with what you said as an example ‘This is terrible’ is just ones own thought and opnion. As a Buddhist, we train our minds to not think in a negative way. Even Bob Marley and i quote said “Dont think in that negative way, make way for positive day’ so, in my opinion, It’s really hard to train your mind to think positivly and take a bad situation and make it good. Even the Dalai Lama has said so himself. But. I also think that ones opinions can be based off of their religion. Especially if you’re Catholic or Christian

    • Michael February 10, 2013 3:59 pm 

      @PeacexChaos:, You’re correct that religion affects how someone views a situation. What I share here with everyone is of what they have the ability to do on their own. Perception is based off what someone knows, experiences they have, how they view situations based off their personal beliefs(Religious, Spiritual, or of certain actions made). Desires can and normally do get in our way when we look at a situation. Desires that we secretly wish to pursue or openly express are our way of expressing our thoughts through how we communicate with one another. A desire to prove ones belief(s) is one of the ways religion/spirituality affect our perception. It can be difficult to look past what we wish to be fact or what we want to get out of any thing for ourselves. To prove we are correct and another is wrong, to further ourselves in every day life, or find comfort in what we believe of things that we struggle to come to terms with. Or fear due to a lack of understanding, it could even be from how we’re taught to accept a certain reality that inspires fear. Going to Hell for sinning causes people to outright fear for an experience of torture and suffering once their time has come. What they do, how they express themselves, is up to them to decide. Many times you’ll express yourself without realizing it based on your body-language and tone of voice, even the words you use.

      People generally say what they mean – Verbally and physically. It may be done purposely or on accident, on a (sub)conscious level, yet we all do it. The words someone says aren’t always going to be entire thoughts that they have unless they go into detail that can be taken-apart after to figure out why or what causes them to say/do the things they do.

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